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Japanese Anime Vexille Remake Coming From Hercules Screenwriter

I think we can all agree that Spike Lee’s upcoming remake-joint of Chan-wook Park’s South Korean masterpiece Oldboy is the most nefarious remake of an Asian film that we’ve heard about, we can now anticipate the second-place holder, but without any of the virulent verve that Oldboy inspires.

TheWrap is the bearer of weird news this time, reporting the 2007 Japanese CGI anime film Vexille will be getting Americanized in live action, which actually makes sense given the United States is involved with the film’s plot. Here’s the kicker, though. The screenplay will be written by Evan Spiliotopoulos, one of the co-writers of Brett Ratner’s upcoming Hercules remake with Dwayne Johnson. Warning signs ablaze yet? His biggest collective claim to fame is having written a shitload of not directly-awful direct-to-video sequels of Disney classics, as well as the mediocre animated sci-fi flick Battle for Terra. He was also the guy behind a bunch of scripts that had to get rewritten, including the script for Snow White and the Huntsman, as well as the unproduced Asteroids-themed and Ouija-themed flicks. I hate to just rag on the guy, but is anybody jumping for joy just yet?

Luckily, the source material in this case is far stronger than a simple video game and a bullshit paranormal ploy. The original Vexille, directed and co-written by Fumihiko Sori, takes place in a future where Japan has completely sheltered themselves from the rest of the world after advancements in robotics have caused the world to turn against them. After being tipped off that Japan is harboring illegal tech, the U.S. develops a military program to infiltrate Japan, but only the titular female character makes it through. Heroics ensue.

So I guess all that’s left to say is, who do you think will be re-writing Vexille next year?

Nick Venable

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