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Jason Reitman made his feature directorial debut with Thank You For Smoking, quickly moving on to Juno and making a name for himself with a demographic who doesn’t even know his father’s shadow existed for him to crawl out of. After Up in the Air scored him six Oscar nods, Reitman is currently wrapping one film and getting started on another. So when he’s going to find time to tweak someone else’s script we may never know. Perhaps he’s a magician, which leads us to...

According to THR, New Line has signed the writer/director on to do some surgery on the script for Burt Wonderstone, which follows the title character (to be played by Steve Carell) on his path back to the top of the magician’s world against all odds and a rival trickster. Reitman has several week’s worth of paychecks headed his way, but details about how in-depth his rework will be are slim. Whatever he’ll be doing, simple tweaks or a full rewrite, he’s excited to "put his stamp on an A-list comedy."

Reitman will be the fourth writer to get his hands on the script, which has already been in the hands of John Frances Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, as well as original scribbler Charles Kultgen. As Reitman gives it his seal of approval, casting is feverish for someone to star across from Carell in the role of the rival magician. Wanna bet it’ll be Sacha Baron Cohen? More on Burt Wonderstone as the film nears production.