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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will Play A Dirty Racist In Juan Cuarón's Border Thriller

While director Alfonso Cuarón was busy winning the Best Director award at the Golden Globe’s for his stellar work on Gravity, his co-screenwriter and son Juan Cuarón has been busy putting together his follow-up to 2007’s Spanish romantic drama Year of the Nail. His upcoming border thriller Desierto has found itself another excellent cast member in Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will cause a lot of hell for a lot of people as the film’s lead villain. He’s been known to do some morally bereft acts on Starz’s mob drama Magic City, so it won’t be too hard for him to adapt.

In Desierto, Morgan will star opposite acclaimed actor Gael Garcia Bernal (Babel). The story focuses on a group of illegal immigrants who attempt to cross the border and are unlucky enough to cross the path of Morgan’s character, who takes it upon himself to be the border police. More than justice, however, his intentions are a tad more racist in their execution. Depending on how Cuarón works as a thriller director, this could either be a suspense-filled and culturally biting flick or a movie that Dolph Lundgren should have been in. I’m on board for either version, honestly.

Cuarón co-wrote this movie with first-time screenwriter Mateo Garcia, who starred in Year of the Nail. His father will serve as a producer on Desierto, and the two also have a screenplay for a drama called A Boy and His Shoe at some stage of production. You might actually remember Cuarón’s work last year in the form of Aningaaq, the short film that served as a mini-companion piece for Gravity. You can watch it below.

Morgan, whose career seemed destined for greatness after breaking out in Grey’s Anatomy and Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, has yet to star in any highly memorable films. From the no-scare horror The Possession to the useless remake of Red Dawn, Morgan hasn’t given himself many places to shine, but after reaffirming his leading man mode on Magic City, he has a big year coming up, with roles in Kevin Caruso’s wilderness thriller The Rut, Kristian Levring’s revenge western The Salvation and Alfonso Poyart’s serial killer-and-a-psychic thriller Solace, which also stars Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell.

According to THR, the film is set to go into production this February in Baja, California. It’s possible we might see this film by the end of the year. In the meantime, if you haven’t caught up with the second season of Magic City, here’s what you missed.

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