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Take a second to think about Hans Landa, the horrific, duplicitous, conniving, Jew-hunting Nazi played by Christoph Waltz in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Now think about Dale Doback, the spoiled, selfish, arrogant obnoxious man-child played by John C. Reilly in Adam McKay's Step Brothers. It wouldn't seem like a fair fight putting these two up against each other, but that's exactly what Roman Polanski is doing in God of Carnage.

Deadline reports that Reilly has joined the cast of the adaptation about two sets of parents who grow to despise each other after stopping their children from fighting on the playground. Based on the Tony Award-winning play by Yasmina Reva, Reilly will play husband to the character played by Jodie Foster while Waltz acts alongside Kate Winslet. James Gandolfini originally played Reilly's role on stage. The film is scheduled to go into production this January.

The Broadway production of the play was the third longest running in the last decade and earned rave reviews. The comedic tone is a shift for nearly everyone involved, save for Reilly, so it will be interesting to see how everyone plays off each other. Say what you will about Polanski (the man should be in prison, not directing movies), this sounds like an interesting project.

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