The plot of Grand Piano is honestly one of the most ridiculous I have ever heard. First announced earlier this month when Elijah Wood signed on to star, the story is about a washed up pianist who finally gets up the nerve to return to the stage, only to learn that if he doesn't play the best show of his life he and his wife will die (it's basically Speed with a piano instead of a bus). As insane as the movie sounds, however, it must have some quality to it if it was able to rope a talented actor like Wood in to star, and that theory is only reinforced by the most recent piece of casting news.

John Cusack, last seen playing a detective version of Edgar Allan Poe in the absolutely dreadful movie The Raven, is now in talks to take a co-starring role in Grand Piano, according to Variety. Eugenio Mira is attached to direct the project, which is based on an original screenplay by The Last Exorcism 2 writer Damien Chazelle. Sadly, the trade's report doesn't say what kind of role Cusack might be playing in the movie or even if he will be one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. Nostromo Pictures' Adrian Guerra and Rodrigo Cortes developed the project and will also be serving as producers. The actor is currently at the Cannes Film Festival where he is promoting The Paperboy, the new movie from director Lee Daniels.

Cusack has been on a tear as of late, having finished working on projects including Adult World, The Numbers Station, and The Frozen Ground. He is also attached to Daniels' The Butler, in which he will be playing former President Richard Nixon.

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