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John Hodgman To Appear In Ghostbusters 3?

Humorist John Hodgman’s film appearances aren’t exactly plentiful at this point, with his most recent role being the “Candy Store Manager” in the recent remake of Arthur, however, that could be changing if this rumor about Ghostbusters 3 is to be taken seriously.

As reported by io9, Hodgmen was interviewed on “The Best Show” on WFMU, during which he spoke a bit about the third installment of the Ghostbusters franchise. Hodgman threw a hypothetical scenario out there involving a possible role in the sequel (and a few potential spoilers from the film):

If you were hypothetically offered a role in Ghostbusters 3... would you take the role? Let's say you're [playing] sort of the dissolute son of Egon, the Harold Ramis character, and you're kind of like John Candy in Splash, you're kind of a mess. But it turns out you're a natural ghost-whisperer, a natural psychic. But here's the thing: Bill Murray's not going to be in this movie, and probably not happy that you are. But you get to be in a major role, in a major movie and one of the greatest franchises of all time. Would you do it?

Is he just messing with people by throwing that out there? Or is he hinting that he either has, or is in the process of being cast in the part? As io9 further reports, Hodgmen later tweeted that its actually “The Best Show” host Tom Scharpling that’s playing the son. This is obviously, most likely a joke, and possibly an attempt to make light of his comment on the show. Is it easy to picture him as Egon’s son? In looks, not really, but in personality, sure, why not?

In addition to the books he's written, Hodgman’s well known for playing the role of “PC” in the Mac commercials. He has also appeared in the films The Invention of Lying, and Baby Mama as well as playing the part of a doctor in one episode of Battlestar Galactica. More recently, he played Louis Green on the HBO comedy Bored to Death. If this rumor about him playing a role in Ghostbusters 3 turns out to be true and this part sounds as significant as it does, it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the table as Egon’s “deadbeat son.”

Kelly West
Kelly West

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