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John Wick 2 May Feature A Matrix Reunion, Get The Details

Back in 1999, the surprising success of The Matrix turbo-charged the career of Keanu Reeves, as well as several of his co-stars. Sixteen years later, it looks like Neo is reuniting with his teacher once more, as Lawrence Fishburne has been supposedly spotted filming scenes for John Wick 2.

Some eagle eyed citizens of New York, as well as the NY blog Gothamist, have reported Reeves and Fishburne filming on a random rooftop, with Reeves looking a little worse for the wear. Since this is the sequel to the wildly successful John Wick, that's not really news. Instead, the rather puzzling piece to this scene being shot is why Fishburne's character is the proud owner of a pigeon collection.

If we had to guess, we'd assume that Lawrence Fishburne's character will be yet another mentor figure for Reeves' infamous assassin, much like Willem Dafoe's Marcus was in the first film. Considering how vast the world of assassins is in the John Wick universe, it seems like there's always a new mentor or a new enemy for us the audience to be introduced to. Of course, there's also the chance Fishburne plays the mentor to John's new adversary, played by Common, and John has to visit said mentor to get into his head.

Adding a well regarded name like Lawrence Fishburne to the cast list of John Wick 2 makes us hope that his appearance won't merely be a well placed cameo, merely written in to appeal to our sense of nostalgia. Though if we're only going to get one good scene between the two, we're hoping that it'll be something as awesome as when they went head to head during the training simulator sequence in The Matrix. It definitely looks that's a possibility, as Keanu Reeves officially shared a photo of himself on set, via his own Twitter feed. You can see the shot of the actor in a costume and setting that look like they match with the other set photos, below.

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Of course, this is all speculation, as details on John Wick 2 are on lockdown. Still, we can dream, and if we're talking blue sky scenarios then that's the one we're sticking with. Here's hoping we see the ultimate beatdown of beatdowns between Reeves and Fishburne when John Wick 2 hits theaters at an undetermined point in the next year.

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