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Johnny Depp has been out talking about the fake rumors pegging him as the new Riddler in the sequel to The Dark Knight.

DarkHorizons caught him talking to a radio show, where he confirmed again what we already know but nobody seems to be able to get through their heads. There is no sequel yet folks. When asked if the movie is being cast yet Depp says, “Not that I know of.” It isn’t being cast, it doesn’t have a director, and Johnny Depp hasn’t been hired or talked to about being in it. It seems like I can’t say that enough, since people keep insisting that the contrary is true.

However, Johnny Depp as the Riddler is at least actually a good idea, unlike some of the other false casting rumors which have been floating around. Example: Mickey Rooney as Riddler. No really, people actually believed that. If they do make a sequel to The Dark Knight and if that sequel does indeed include the Riddler, I can’t think of anyone better for the role than Depp. Johnny’s interest in doing it though, is hard to gauge. When asked if he’d be up for it he said, “It seems like it'd be a fun gig for a while, yeah.”

Listen to the full interview via the embed below: