Production is finally beginning on the long-anticipated Fernando Meirelles drama 360, and the high profile names attached to the picture are only becoming more numerous. Jude Law has now officially joined the cast, adding to the already stellar lineup of Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Maria Flor and Karl Markovic. The talent is certainly there. Now it's just up to everyone to execute.

According to 02 Films, preproduction has already begun and principal photography will start March 21st and run through the end of May. The comprehensive story written by Peter Morgan of The Last King Of Scotland fame follows an expansive number of individuals as they make choices that ultimately effect not only their relationships but locations. Seven languages will be used at one point or another and shooting will take place in Paris, Vienna and Bratislava.

It's important for any film to gain critical acclaim, but it's especially important for a film like 360. With a nuanced product and multiple languages, it's going to take positive word of mouth to make the average American fork over his or her money. It worked for Babel; let's see if it'll work for 360.

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