This quirky new poster for director Craig Zisk’s upcoming debut feature The English Teacher is a definite attention-grabber, with bright baby blues that cover the clouds, sky and dress of star Julianne Moore, who plays Linda, a high school teacher whose life outside of the school is lacking and in major need of upheaval.

A former student of hers, Jason (Michael Angarano), comes back to his hometown and his overbearing father (Greg Kinnear) after attempts to assert himself as a playwright in New York have failed. Linda won’t let him dismiss his dreams, however, and makes it her duty to put on his controversial new play at the high school where she teaches, under the tutelage of drama teacher Nathan Lane.

Of course, romantic sparks fly, only to be fizzled by Hallie (Lily Collins), who plays the resident expert in all things drama class, and immediately sets herself up as a hindrance in Linda and Jason’s relationship.

“My character is kind of the catalyst for Julianne Moore’s character going a little bit crazy,” Collins told Entertainment Weekly. “[Moore's character] is kind of having this mid-life crisis, and me calling her out on her relationship with Michael and the play kind of start her on this downward spiral where she shows she’s a bit of a mess.”

This is absolutely readable on Moore’s face in the poster, which reads as somewhere between false enthusiasm and sincere discomfort. Perhaps she’s bothered by the stage decoration surrounding her, in a world where the sun somehow hangs below the clouds instead of vice versa. I’m also not sure why the film’s tagline, “Refuse To Live Life By The Book,” doesn’t pertain to stage plays, but maybe the film will delve into literature before the play business begins.

All answers will become clear once The English Teacher sees its VOD release on April 16, with a theatrical run to follow on May 17. It will premiere theatrically at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 26.

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