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In case you hadn't noticed, Michael Keaton's career is on a bit of an upswing. His lead performance in Birdman has earned him tons of critical acclaim, and the truth is that the spotlight hasn't been this bright on him since his Batman days. The turn is leading to plenty of Oscar buzz, but that's not all: he's getting job offers too.

News has come to us from The Wrap saying that Michael Keaton is now in talks to become the third actor cast in Kong: Skull Island, the upcoming Legendary Pictures- produced feature that will take audiences back to the titular homeworld of King Kong. Should he sign on for the film, Keaton will play one member of a team of explorers that goes to Skull Island to uncover all of the supernatural mysteries that exist on and around it. The movie - which was first announced at last year's San Diego Comic-Con - is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who first impressed moviegoers with his 2013 indie debut The Kings of Summer.

Weirdly enough, Michael Keaton isn't the only 2014 Oscar-buzzed actor to become linked to Kong: Skull Island. It was a little less than a month ago that the upcoming blockbuster enlisted J.K. Simmons to join the production. While Keaton will likely be competing in the Best Actor Oscar category for his turn in Birdman, Simmons is considered the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor thanks to his intense, fantastic turn in Damien Chazelle's Whiplash. Also part of the cast, of course, is one of the biggest stars in the world, Tom Hiddleston - who was the first actor to sign on to the movie back in September.

It's hard not to be impressed with the male talent that Kong: Skull Island has managed to bring on-board so far, but here's hoping that the film is also seriously looking into attaching some talented actresses to the project as well. In the past year alone, Hollywood have made some pretty huge steps in starting to diversify blockbusters, what with the huge success of Lucy and the announcements of both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel movies. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not immensely interested in a project that can line up Tom Hiddleston, J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton, but let's hope that a good portion of the budget goes to an actress being assigned an honestly good part.

Legendary Pictures is planning on having Kong: Skull Island in theaters on March 10, 2017 - releasing in both 3D and IMAX 3D. Michael Keaton will next be seen in Spotlight, the Thomas McCarthy-directed drama about the Catholic church abuse scandal, but also is attached to voice a character in the upcoming Despicable Me spin-off Minions.

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