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New Kingdom Of Heaven Stills

Ridley Scott tries to save the epic from the mind-numbing, uncertainly gay clutches of Oliver Stone this summer with Kingdom of Heaven. He’ll have an uphill battle with what looks to amount to another siege movie, something that we all seem to have burned out on after seeing sieging at its zenith in Lord of the Rings.

To remind you all it’s coming, Fox has just released a ton of new photos from the film. I have to say, some of this looks pretty good. Compared to the stills we saw from Troy or Alexander at this stage, the battles look a lot more impressive. For the ladies, they even threw in a few pictures of Orlando Bloom shirtless. I can name about ten right off the top of my head who are already clicking the link below to see that.

I’ve updated our preview page with these newly released Kingdom of Heaven photos, use the aforementioned link below to read our preview and see all the new stills!