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Lady Gaga May Headline Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, Here's What We Know

A Star is Born is one of the most classic tales in Hollywood history. It’s been made no fewer than three times already. A fourth version has been rumored since at least 2009 and while that version has never materialized, it’s never gone away either. Now, it looks like a remake is on its way after all. Bradley Cooper has been rumored to be making his directing debut with the film, and the fact that he’s been seen around town recently with Lady Gaga has people wondering if she may be looking at the starring role.

The speculation that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper may be planning on A Star is Born together comes from Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline. Apparently, the two have been seen around Hollywood together, and since they’re not dating, both are currently involved with other people, then their connection may instead be professional. Bradley Cooper has been rumored to direct A Star is Born for some time, and the one thing we know that movie will need is a lead actress who can sing. We know Gaga can sing, and her recent Golden Globe win gives her some acting cred. Fleming posits that the two being seen together could be something of an experiment, to see how the public reacts to the two together. In the era of social media, you don’t need to wait long to see how the public feels about anything. The pair probably already has their own couple name and a hashtag. BradGa? CooGa? GaCoo? Wasn’t that a Dragonball Z character?

While this is pure speculation, it’s easy to see how connections like this can be made. While the premise of A Star is Born is based around a nobody becoming a somebody, the lead female role is usually played by somebody who is already a big star. Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have had the part previously. Beyonce was attached to the film back when Clint Eastwood was planning to direct it. That project fell apart when Beyonce became pregnant. Eastwood went on to other things and that opened the door for Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga at least being considered for the role makes so much sense as to be obvious.


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It’s possible that the two being seen together could absolutely be about the remake, but not nearly be as calculated. The two could be going to dinner and otherwise hanging out just to see if they like each other. If Bradley Cooper directs, he will likely also star, and so these two may need to discover if they have any chemistry. If, over dinner, the pair discover they don’t like each other very much, it would be difficult for them to make a good movie together.

Do you think Lady Gaga is the right choice to remake A Star is Born? Let us know in the comments.  

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