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There are really two kinds of romantic comedies. There's the kind that comes out in January and February because there's nothing else to see, and makes you want to strangle yourself with hatred for the female gender and romance in general (see: Bride Wars, Confessions of a Shopaholic). Then there's the kind that comes out any other time of year, when there's actual competition, and manages to be good and not talk down to the largely female audience it's courting (see: The Proposal).

And Leap Year, no matter how very much I wanted it to be good, seems to be the first kind. Starring the unendingly cute Amy Adams and the irrepressibly handsome Matthew Goode, with Adam Scott along as the "wrong man," Leap Year is going for pretty much every romantic comedy cliche in the book, at least based on the new trailer that debuted today at MSN.com. She's obsessed with weddings! She's disappointed when her boyfriend won't give her a wedding ring! She meets a no-nonsense man and drives him crazy with her need to charge her Blackberry and refusal to wear proper footwear!

There's even a moment in the trailer lifted directly from The Proposal, in which the pair must pretend to be married and then kiss in front of a crowd-- but oh my gosh, they actually want to kiss each other! I realize this is a formula that goes back to It Happens One Night, and that once in a blue moon it really works, but I've given up hope that this will be one of those times.

Along with the trailer, which is embedded below, Universal has released the first stills from the movie and the poster; click on any of the photos below the trailer for a link to our full Leap Year image gallery. The movie opens January 8, and despite all my complaints, you know I'll be there anyway. I'm a sucker like that.

Check out the trailer below or watch it in higher-resolution over on MSN.

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