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Life Of Pi Extended Scene To Be Previewed Before 3D Showings Of Prometheus And Other Movies

If ever there's a story that could benefit from proper use of 3D technology, it's the big screen adaptation of Yann Martel's adventure novel Life of Pi. Martel paints a vivid, colorful picture in the telling of Pi's story, which offers real potential for a visually stunning feature film. Factor in Ang Lee's involvement as director, and Life of Pi may just be one of the must-see-in-3D movies this year. But how can 20th Century Fox properly market that? It isn't exactly easy to sell 3D in a TV ad or an online trailer. It's in the theaters when the glasses are already on and 3D fans are prepped and ready for 3D viewing that the studio has their attention. So what better time to pitch the film? That seems to be what 20th Centruy Fox has in mind for their promotions for Life of Pi leading up to its late-November release.

NY Times is reporting that Fox will be showing off a clip from the film this Friday night in theaters before Prometheus. What will be shown is an uncut, continuous scene from the movie, which will likely show off the 3D effects as a way to pique viewers' interest. The pre-Prometheus preview of Life of Pi may be one of a few previews shown to theater-goers. Fox reportedly plans to unveil another one before Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (releasing June 22). Plans are also in the works to set up a preview before Ice Age: Continental Drift, releasing into theaters July 13. As these previews are meant to showcase the 3D for the film, they will only be shown during 3D showings of the three mentioned movies.

Though I'm definitely due for a re-read on Life of Pi before the film hits theaters, one of the scenes from the book that still stands out in my mind is the sinking of the ship with all of the animals. This incident leaves the story's' main character Pi stranded in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. This scene is the one glimpsed in the photo released for the movie, and it sounds like this area of the story will be shown in the previews. From what's been reported, the extended scenes previewed in theaters will involve the sinking freighter, and the boy and the tiger encountering the flying fish. Those are the scenes that were previewed at CinemaCon. You can read what our own Eric Eisenberg had to say about them here.

While fans of the book likely won't need much incentive to visit the theater to see the film adaptation, this sounds like a smart approach in selling the look of the movie to people who are already on board to pay a few extra dollars for the 3D experience.

Life of Pi arrives in theaters November 21. More information can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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