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Lindsay Lohan Almost Ruined The Hangover

The only female role of any significance in The Hangover belonged to the always nudity friendly Heather Graham as Jade the stripper, but it could have been Lindsay Lohan’s. US says she was offered the part. Unfortunately for her, she turned it down because she believed it “had not potential”, unlike say her last horrible, box office flop I Know Who Killed Me in which she also played a stripper.

Apparently it was Linday’s agent who talked director Todd Phillips into offering her the part in the first place, and then when he did she said no. It’s probably for the best. Put Lindsay Lohan in the movie and Phillips probably would have been pressured to cut the character’s nudity or expand her role or do some other godawful thing which would have ruined the movie in order to get her more tabloid coverage. Heather Graham was the right choice, thank you Lindsay for not ruining the year’s funniest movie.