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Apparently Fox is feeling a bit of a squeeze when it comes to X-Men: First Class because we now have our third bit of casting news today. According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Lucas Till has signed on to the project to play Havok, a mutant with the ability to both absorb energy blasts and create them to take down enemies. Most notable about the character, however, is that he is the younger brother of Cyclops. The report also debunks the Aaron Johnson rumor from earlier today, saying that he will not be playing Cyclops in Matthew Vaughn's film.

In the addition to the new casting, EW's source has thrown a curve ball into the mix: the characters we are hearing about in each casting announcement aren't necessarily the ones that the actors will be playing. The source says that Fox is setting up a misdirection campaign to keep the casting announcements under a veil of secrecy. Frankly, this makes a ton of sense, particularly after surfer Erica Hosseini said that she was auditioning for the role of Willow in the film. Appearing in only six issues of the comics and coming across as a Mystique knock off, it didn't seem plausible that Fox would use such an unknown character. If it is a misdirect, that would explain everything.

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