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MGM Looking To Order A Slice Of Killer Pizza For A Big Screen Adaptation

According to Amazon (opens in new tab), Greg Taylor’s book Killer Pizza is aimed for readers age 10 and up and follows a kid who takes a job at a pizza place, only to discover the restaurant is a front for a monster hunting organization. Apparently, MGM is looking to give the story the big screen treatment.

According to Deadline MGM is in talks to nab Adam Green’s scripted adaptation of Taylor’s Killer Pizza, a book which Goosebumps mastermind R.L. Stine describes as “a slice of horror that I couldn’t put down.” The movie is set to be produced by Rafaella De Laurentiis with 1492 Pictures and CJ Entertainment. Chris Columbus brought the project to MGM in response to the studio’s apparent “appetite for Gremlins or Goonies-type fare.” According to /Film, Green was set to direct the film, but it's not known whether or not that's still the case.

Assuming the Gremlins/Goonies mention means MGM is looking for projects with horror and/or adventure elements that are also somewhat family friendly, Killer Pizza sounds like it’ll fit the bill. If MGM becomes the studio to bring this film to the big screen, this will be another children’s book adaptation project for them, as they’ve recently acquired the rights to Where’s Waldo?.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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