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MTV is getting set to right one of the worst wrongs they’ve ever committed: legitimizing spoiled little brats and their unreasonable wants and needs. Anyone who’s watched MTV in recent years certainly knows that the channel has gone down the road of reality television. One of their worst offenders is called My Super Sweet Sixteen, a show about overindulgent teenagers with rich parents who give them whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous.

Now MTV has plans to release a movie adaptation of the reality series (if you’re saying “huh?” you’re not alone) in October. It's called My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen, a movie about a young girl named Madison Penrose who gets everything she wants and asks to have “The Rollerdome” opened back up for her birthday. This Rollerdome is known for being the location of several murders a few years before. Of course, there wouldn’t be a movie if that killer didn’t return to wreak havoc on Madison’s party. MTV hasn’t specifically stated who will be the antagonist of the movie, but I’m hoping for Penrose.

I’m not really sure what MTV expects to get out of making a reality series into a movie (this isn’t the only one, either, there’s planned movies for Made as well). This sounds like a typical horror film and sticking Sweet Sixteen in the title only attaches a negative stigma to it. That’s not fun at all. What if this turns out good (not bloody likely)? No one would ever know because they’ll assume it’s a movie about rich, spoiled, and damn near mentally handicapped kids. Hey wait, it is!

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