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Mars Needs Moms is the latest visit into the utterly creepy world of the uncanny valley from the people who brought you The Polar Express. Trying to photorealistically animate humans just doesn’t work guys, please give it up. But they aren’t listening to me and now the trailer for this newest entry has arrived.

In Disney’s animated movie Mars Needs Moms, a boy named Milo (voiced by Seth Green) must save his mother (voiced by Joan Cusack), who’s just been nabbed by Martians. It’s all part of a Martian master plan to make sure their kids get sack lunches and bedtime stories. Watch the movie’s trailer below:

The human characters, except the fat guy, are as you’d expect with this animation style, mostly freaky looking. I suspect the fact guy only works because he’s really dirty, and the dirt obscures some of the creepiness. The story though, looks like fun and all the Martians and rockets work well enough.

For more on Mars Needs Moms, including brand new still photos from the film, visit its page in our Blend Film Database.

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