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Matt Damon's Elysium Exoskeleton Comes To Life Thanks To A Fan

While most people who consider themselves a fan of a movie typically celebrate that fanhood with the occasional reference or rewatch, there are others who just feel compelled to try and bring the fictional reality to life. Take, for example, this guy, who was inspired to build Matt Damon's exoskeleton suit from Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi action film Elysium:

Ee've seen the world of comic books inspire geeks to create things like Spider-Man web shooters, Iron Man laser gauntlets, and retractable Wolverine claws, but this is obviously a bit different. Long story short: he saw Matt Damon's exoskeleton in Elysium and said to himself, "I can make that."

The video above comes from YouTube user The Hacksmith, who has a channel completely packed with videos like the one seen above, featuring the host building all kinds of crazy cool gadgets and devices. While most of the projects only span one or two clips, the Elysium exoskeleton you see finished above is a piece of work that has been in development over the course of 16 videos. The system works using pneumatic cylinders and what looks like a whole lot of steel tubing. As you can see, the system gives him the ability to do curls with a 170lb barbell - though not without some effort.

One would think that a project like this would be in development for a good long time, but The Hacksmith only began work on the project in late May after getting his hands on some expensive pneumatic cylinders. That kickstarted the design stage and led to what you see in the clip.

So how does it match up with the one that Matt Damon wears in Elysium. Well, it doesn't feature any of the impressive computer software, but at least the fan-made one doesn't require surgical attachment! All joking aside, it actually ultimately matches up with what was done aesthetically in the movie in a functional fan-made sort of way.

Elysium The Hacksmith

For those of you who missed it in theaters last year, Neill Blomkamp's Elysium is available now on Blu-ray and DVD (and it really is quite worth getting a look at). To watch the origins of The Hacksmith's Elysium inspired project, head to the next page:

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