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Raven-haired beauty Megan Fox broke through in a big way in Michael Bay's flashy action epic Transformers. Shortly thereafter she became a near-constant presence in celebrity gossip mags—as many gorgeous young actresses before her have—with every variation in appearance or fluctuation in weight triggering a new onslaught of speculation and rumors. But Fox raised eyebrows and drew a new brand of headlines when she compared her Transformers' director to Hitler, and soon thereafter was booted from the blockbuster franchise.

Since then, she's appeared in a string of flops, including the toothless horror-comedy Jennifer's Body, the forgotten adaptation of Jonah Hex, and the abysmal Passion Play, which earned only $3,669 domestically and received a shockingly low 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, things began to turn for Fox when she co-starred in the critically praised R-rated comedy Friends With Kids last spring. And it seems one good turn is leading to another as she has been picked to as part of the cast of Judd Apatow's Knocked Up spin-off, This is 40. Get a look at Fox in action below, thanks to Yahoo:

From the looks of this clip, Fox has been cast to serve a similar purpose to hers in Friends With Kids, where her youth, flexibility, and perky breasts became a point of envy to the comedy's older female lead. In the red band featurette, Leslie Mann's age-fearing Debbie full-on feels up Fox over these anxieties. And here we see how the dudes react, which is to say predictably by gawking. Still, Apatow is great at breaking niches for his actors. Remember, there was a time when Rudd had trouble getting cast in comedies because he was considered too good-looking. You know what changed that forever? The Apatow-produced Anchorman.

This is 40 opens December 21st.