Cameos are always a hell of a lot more fun when they are a surprise. Last year, nobody walked into Zombieland on opening weekend expecting an appearance from Bill Murray, but when he showed up it was glorious. For my money, there has never been a better cameo in history. So when the story broke this morning that Mel Gibson might be playing a tattoo artist in Todd Phillips' The Hangover 2, I was really hoping that the story was false. Sadly, it's not. THR has now confirmed that Gibson will be in the blockbuster comedy sequel next summer.

If I'm going to be perfectly frank, I blame all of this on Sasha Barrese, who plays Justin Bartha's character's wife in the movie. If she hadn't said anything about a secret cameo, nobody would have known to investigate one and we wouldn't be in this mess. Now when Gibson shows up on screen it will be worthy of a groan instead of a laugh.

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