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Meryl Streep Wants A Cameo In Anchorman 2

I'm pretty sure there's a clause in every single contract Meryl Streep signs that she's allowed to do whatever the hell she wants. Suddenly turn Hope Springs into a musical? Sure. Be a famous American playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady? Hey, it won her an Oscar! It might even go so far that every contract for every movie includes a Streep clause, something along the lines of "If Meryl Streep wants to show up on set one day, you put her in the movie. No matter what. Let her play a tree if you have to."

We're hoping, at least, that's the case for Anchorman 2, currently under production with both the original cast and a whole lot of fun new people-- like Harrison Ford, John C. Reilly and Kristen Wiig-- to round things out. It seems Streep would also like to be one of those people. recently spoke to Steve Carell, on a break from Anchorman 2 production to promote The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and Carell said that his Hope Springs co-star is a big fan of the original cult comedy:

"Meryl Streep told me she was a huge Anchorman fan and she’d love to have a cameo in the sequel. That could be really funny. There are going to be plenty of great cameos in this movie."

Granted, Carell mentioning it is absolutely no guarantee that it'll happen, and you can't just have Streep wander on to the set of a comedy as fine-tuned and ridiculous as Anchorman 2-- you've got to write the right joke to work her in. But come on, Adam McKay! Meryl Streep wants to be in your movie! You are obligated to all of us to make it happen.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend