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A Million Ways To Die In The West Green Band Trailer Cuts The Cursing, Reveals New Scenes

It came as a surprise to absolutely nobody when it was revealed that the first trailer for Seth MacFarlane's upcoming comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West was loaded up with all kinds of adult content, from foul language to extreme violence. But now the new Green Band trailer for the movie is here to help try and package the film for a more family-friendly audience).

90% of this trailer is just stuff that has been recycled from the last edit, but those who paid attention comparing the two probably noticed that there are a few difference:

1) The scene where MacFarlane tries to mount his horse while drunk.

2) The scene where Sarah Silverman "shows" Giovanni Ribisi her vagina for the first time.

3) The one line from Neil Patrick Harris

4) The end gag where MacFarlane and Charlize Theron mock giant period dresses.

A strange angle this film seems to be taking is putting what seem like very modern characters and putting them in a period environment. While the production design looks excellent, all of the main stars seem like they were plucked out of our world today and just placed in this world. It could just be that the humor seems really modern because it is so self-reflexive, but I'm pretty sure that people in the Old West didn't go around saying things like, " Oh know I dih-uhnd't" like Neil Patrick Harris does in this spot.

In the film McFarlane plays a cowardly guy living in 1882 who has come to the terrifying realization that absolutely everything in his universe wants to kill him, be it animal, human or inanimate object. After being dumped by his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) for being too weak, Albert begins to take an interest in the new girl in town (Theron), who also starts to give him tips on how to be more manly. The real test arrives for our hero when a notorious outlaw (Liam Neeson) rides into town looking for blood. The awesome ensemble cast also includes Ribisi and Silverman, the former playing Albert's wimp best friend Edward and the latter playing Edward's girlfriend, a prostitute who refuses to sleep with him. MacFarlane wrote the script along with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, the same team that brought us Ted back in 2012.

Do you think this trailer stands on its own without all the blood, death and foul language, or do you think that all of the R-rated goodness is what gives A Million Ways To Die In The West its charm? Watch the red band trailer below and tell us what you think.

Eric Eisenberg
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