Following her breakout performance in Bridesmaids that earned her widespread fame as well as Oscar acclaim, fearless comedienne Melissa McCarthy soon signed on to co-star opposite Jason Bateman in the crime caper Identity Thief. That pairing alone had many looking forward to director Seth Gordon's follow-up to Horrible Bosses. Then as the feature geared up for its start-date, it began culling together a pretty spectacular supporting cast that includes Jon Favreau, John Cho, Clark Duke, Amanda Peet, and the rapper T.I. And now, with Identity Thief in full-on production mode down in Atlanta, THR reveals Emmy-winner Eric Stonestreet is the comedy's latest cast addition. (Sidenote: whoever picked the picture for the trade's piece must hate Stonestreet. Yeesh.)

In Identity Thief McCarthy stars as the eponymous criminal, a hot mess of a woman who manages to pull one of her victims, a timid family man played by Bateman, into the flurry of chaos that is her life. For his part, Stonestreet has signed on to play Big Chuck, a boisterous real estate broker who runs afoul of this unlikely duo. Best-known for his critically acclaimed, family-friendly antics as the affable part-time clown/full-time dad Cam on Modern Family, Stonestreet seems destined to spark onscreen with the similarly high-energy McCarthy. However, my hopes are that the role of Big Chuck will give him a chance to break away from his lovable TV persona, and show audiences a slightly edgier brand of humor. Working with Gordon, McCarthy and Bates, he's in good company to take such a leap, and I'd bet it would pay off brilliantly.

Identity Thief will hit theaters May 10, 2013.

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