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Christopher Nolan is about to unveil his latest masterwork, a galaxy-hopping race to save humanity that he has titled Interstellar, based (once again) off a screenplay collaboration with his brother Jonathan Nolan. Together, these siblings have explored some dense, dark corners of the imagination and the mind, traveling through our memories (Memento), our subconscious (Inception) and our personal fears (the Batman trilogy) to deliver an exquisite body of complicated works.

As Interstellar takes audiences on a journey through the stars, critics have begun to discuss where the expansive drama ranks on the chart of Nolan’s best. To me, there’s only one clear-cut choice when we are talking about the "best" film Christopher Nolan has directed. Naturally, the term "best" implies opinion, and it’s highly probable we disagree on what Nolan’s finest film is. But I make my pick in the Monday Movie Memo above. Give it a watch and tell me if we agree, disagree or can never speak to each other again.

Christopher Nolan

Looking for more Interstellar coverage? We have had a ton as we’ve prepared for the release of Christopher Nolan’s latest, starting with:

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As for Interstellar, it begins screening in select theaters on November 5, going wide on November 7. Will it eventually become Nolan’s best film? See it, then let us know.

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