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Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is not only one of the director's greatest works, but also easily one of the best horror movies ever made. Its style and featured performances are as affecting today as they were when the movie first came out, and it will remain that way forever. Its quality has allowed the movie to develop a legion of fans over the years, and now Mondo is giving all of those fans a very special way to express their love. The Austin-based art company has unveiled a new line called Mondo 237, which celebrates the legacy of The Shining with some really cool products.

Available over on the shop's official website, The real king of the Mondo crop here is what you see above: the area rug. Considering this pattern is taken directly from the floors of the Overlook Hotel, the most logical place to put it in your home is the same place. The piece is pretty big, sizing up at 4' by 6', but it will cost you. The area rug costs $300 - which is quite a bit if you don't have the money to spend on carpets. Fortunately, the rest of the lot is a bit more reasonably priced. For example, it's not as big as the rug, but this 2' by 3' door mat has the same kind of effect to it and comes in at $85 (still pretty expensive for a doormat, but this is pretty cool).

The Shining Mondo

The series isn't just limited to stuff to dress up your home, however - there's also plenty of stuff for you to wear out as well. It's unfortunate that this Shining line is debuting in summer because it's basically all winter wear. This button-down cardigan will run you $75...

The Shining Mondo

While this knit sweater is $85.

The Shining Mondo

If you don't have that dough to spend on those items, but would really like to adorn yourself with this Shining pattern somehow, you can get this scarf, which is $50:

The Shining Mondo

Or this ski mask, which will costs $35.

The Shining Mondo

The Mondo site notes that an order placed right now will just be a pre-order, as shipping won't begin until late August. That's actually kind of nice, given that a sweater or a scarf would just stay in a drawer through the summer anyway. You can get your stuff in September and then plan a family road trip to that mysterious hotel in Colorado...

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