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Monsters, Inc. 3D Trailer Won't Go Down Without A Fright

Before we get to see how Sully and Mike's friendship began with the upcoming prequel film Monsters University, Pixar is putting Monsters, Inc. back in theaters with its new 3D make-over. A new trailer for Monsters, Inc. 3D has made its way online, showing off some of the funnier moments from the animated film, and reminding that we're just a few months away from its 3D release.

Monsters, Inc. has the potential to look great in 3D. Unfortunately, it's hard to really sell that in a 2D trailer, but this new one, courtesy of iTunes, does succeed in showing off some of the funny and exciting moments from the film, which takes place in a monster-inhabited world that relies on the fear of children to supply its energy. When put that way, it actually sounds like a pretty dark premise, but anyone familiar with the movie knows it's much more funny than scary. The trailer below supports that sentiment nicely, especially when we see young "Boo" arrive, causing major problems for the two monsters (voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal) who try to get her back to her world before the rest of the company discovers she's there.


I love that the trailer starts out with Mike Wazowski praising Roz on her appearance. A fitting way to kick off a trailer that's advertising the movie's 3D make-over. As funny as Monsters, Inc is, it's also a really sweet story. And as I said, it has the potential to look great in 3D, especially when factoring in the variety of monsters (some shiny, some furry, some with horns or extra eyes… or just one eye).

Directed by Peter Docter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich, the film includes the voices of Goodman and Crystal, in addition to Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Tilly and Bonnie Hunt.

Monsters, Inc. 3D arrives in theaters December 19. (And the new prequel film Monsters University arrives in theaters June 2013.)