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Dark Castle, founded in 1999 by Robert Zemeckis and a few others, has been home to many low-end horror/thriller films, most of which you’d rather forget about than revisit. Earlier this year, they experienced their first major box office victory with the Liam Neeson vehicle Unknown crushing in theaters to the tune of $130 million worldwide.

Now Dark Castle is looking to spread its wings by picking up the airline thriller Non-Stop, according to THR, and has its eyes set on sticking with more mainstream thrillers with potential for more success. Unknown's massive box office success came on a budget of only $30 million, so this move towards thrillers that have a little bit more grab isn’t surprising. We don’t know what the budget will be for Non-Stop, but I expect whether or not they can attach someone with the same pull as Liam Neeson will help dictate that.

Non-Stop will center around an air marshall on board a domestic flight, but all details beyond that are currently locked up. If anyone likes the 1997 Ray Liotta flick Turbulence, then Non-Stop sounds like it’ll be for you.

Never Back Down director Jeff Wadlow has signed on to helm the project, adding a third feature film to his very short resume. Wadlow will be working with rookie writers John Richardson and Chris Roach to get Non-Stop a direct flight to the big screen.

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