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Oliver Stone Lives The Dream, Tells Off Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has developed something of a reputation for revealing far more than he probably ought to, like admitting he wasn't impressed with Transformers 2 and even copping to the fact that he dropped the ball on Indiana Jones 4. When it comes to gossiping about Oliver Stone, though, I think Shia figures the guy has been in the industry so long that nothing you could say would ruin his reputation as a blowhard.

And yeah, he's probably right, which is what makes the anecdote he dropped to Vulture on the Wall Street 2 red carpet so hilarious. Here's how Oliver Stone responds when you suggest changes to his brilliant-- brilliant!-- screenplay:

"We're in the Adirondacks, and Josh Brolin and I are shooting this bike scene. And at one point I say to Josh a line — 'You should look at yourself in the mirror first and see yourself. It might scare you,'" remembered LaBeouf. "I looked at the line for a couple of months and thought I'd go to Oliver and say, 'You look at the mirror and look at yourself. It's sort of repetitive. Why don't we just cut one of those? Why don't I say, Look at yourself. It might scare you.' This is Oliver verbatim. He looks at me and goes, 'I like mirror. I wrote Scarface. Go fuck yourself.'"

Stone seems to basically be living out my own personal dream, in which I win an Oscar and/or write the story with the most traffic on Cinema Blend in a given month (equal accomplishments, really). When you've got that much power, not only is no one allowed to edit you, but you can curse at them at will. Oliver Stone, you're a personal hero. Don't ever change.

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