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Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Judy Greer And More On Burt Wonderstone Short List

Now that New Line's dueling magician comedy Burt Wonderstone has locked up leading men Steve Carell and Jim Carrey for its effort, their going to need a beautiful leading lady, and the short list of options is tantalizing.

Deadline reports that Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Judy Greer, Sarah Silverman and Jessia Biel are in the running to fill out the comedic triangle, though we’re not sure yet what role the actress would play in director Don Scardino’s film.

Depending on which actress you choose, you’re going to get a specific tone that could take Wonderstone in completely different directions. For instance, if you hire Silverman, you’re going to get an acerbic comedian who easily can hold court with Carell and Carrey. Judy Greer – currently red hot thanks to her surprisingly dramatic turn in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants -- also could volley in a comedy no matter the type of script, having juggled offbeat laughs in Arrested Development and zany jokes in Barry Munday 27 Dresses and NBC’s TV hit My Name is Earl.

But if New Line decides to go with Biel, Monaghan or Wilde, they’re going to get women who have tried comedy before but are better known for their great looks than their comedic timing. Should Scardino go in this direction, he’ll likely lean on Carrey and Carrell. That’s why, if the decision fell to me, I’d give them an extremely funny lady to help them carry the load. But nothing has been confirmed, and these are the names that reportedly are in the running as Burt prepares to film.

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