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Hollywood doesn’t always have the greatest track record when it comes to costumes for women – particularly when it comes to big action movies and blockbuster franchises. It’s a long and unfortunate tradition that women in these kinds of movies often get stuck wearing form-fitting, skin-revealing outfits that are often completely unpractical for the actions that they need to perform. Of course, it would have made absolutely no sense to do this for director Paul Feig’s upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t totally surprised when fans responding to the costumes in the movie thanked him for not making them overtly sexy.

Feig revealed this interesting reaction in the fall of last year, when I had the wonderful opportunity to join a small group of other film journalists to visit the set of Ghostbusters while it was still in production and sit down for a chat with the movie’s director. The subject of the costumes in the movie came up, and when one reporter asked if there was ever any pressure to make the get-ups a bit racier, Feig not only said no, but added that he was completely shocked when people reacted to the costumes and thanked him for not going in that direction. Said Feig,
It’s funny. When we released the pictures of the uniforms I got so many Tweets from women, like, ‘Thank God you didn’t try to make them tight and sexy.’ It never even crossed my mind. People bring such baggage, men and women, to the idea of anything that’s all female-based, that I think just shows what’s endemic to how we’re so programmed to think. To not accept it in the right way, and why it is such a big deal. It should not be such a big deal [in] 2015 that this is happening. Yet it is.

There are certainly some differences between the Ghostbusters uniforms in the original film and the reboot – the most notable being the inclusion of orange stripes – but it really wouldn’t have made any sense to change the costumes much beyond that. They grey jumpsuits are not only iconic in the pop culture world, but also happen to be super practical within the world of the film – in that they’re super easy to be active in, and they prevent you from being covered head to toe in ectoplasm. It would have made zero sense to alter these designs too much, and yet the sad thing is that we know there is at least one "old school" executive in Hollywood who was fighting for a complete fresh and sexy redesign. Thankfully, nobody listened to them on this one.

Tell us what you think of the Ghostbusters costumes in the comments section below, and get ready for the film to hit theaters on July 15th.

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