Owen Wilson In A Vampire Buddy Comedy

Ghost Town is getting great reviews (including one from me), and so the movie’s corporate papa bear Spyglass Entertainment is keen to do more comedic twists on the horror genre. The guys over at Blood Disgusting say they’re planning a vampire comedy, with Owen Wilson in the lead.

It’s called Blood Brothers, and as the title suggests it is a buddy comedy. BR claims it’s a buddy comedy between a man and a vampire, but the official plot synopsis from Spyglass seems to indicate it’s simply two vampires. Whichever it is, Owen Wilson is also producing the film, so he’ll probably get first pick when it comes to casting.

Here’s the official plot synopsis for Blood Brothers, direct from Spyglass: “In this buddy comedy two of the last vampires on earth, who have been friends for over a thousand years and have experienced all of recorded history together, are now living in Miami. An antiquities collector is trying to summon the forces of evil so he can rule the world and the only thing that can stop him are our reluctant vampires who have grown a bit tired of eternal life.”

Josh Tyler