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Shawn Levy’s The Internship is going to live or die on the performances of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Audiences are going to turn out to see if the duo can deliver another Wedding Crashers-type of comedy. But the two can’t do it alone. They’re going to need at least a little bit of help, and we’re starting to learn who might co-star alongside them in the upcoming film.

According to Variety, Levy reportedly wants Max Minghella (The Social Network, The Ides of March) to play a rival intern at a top-notch tech company who schemes to block Wilson and Vaughn’s attempts at securing a full-time job. It’s a significant part, the foil to the movie’s heroes, and if Minghella could land it, it would elevate his profile the way Wedding Crashers boosted Bradley Cooper by casting him as the villain.

The trade tosses three more names into the mix for supporting roles, saying Levy wants Josh Brener (Glory Daze), Tiya Sircar (Friends With Benefits) and newcomer Tobit Raphael to join the ensemble.

The Internship premise sounds like a slam-dunk, an open-ended plotline connected to contemporary employment issues that still allows Wilson and Vaughn plenty of room to improvise. Levy, Vaughn and Wilson have a few promising projects on their “to-do” list. But if The Internship is shifting into the casting stage of pre-production, it sounds like we can expect to hear about a shooting schedule and possible release date on the upcoming comedy sometime soon.

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