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When you look at Wedding Crashers from the outside, it really didn't look like much. Starring Vince Vaughn, who had just been in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Be Cool, and Owen Wilson, who had just come off Meet the Fockers and Around the World in 80 Days, it looked like a dumb comedy with an insane premise that could never work. Then of course, it became a hit-- and gave us reason to trust Wilson and Vaughn, even when they didn't seem to be doing something all that promising.

So we're keeping this in mind as we look ahead to The Internship, which just revealed its first trailer online. Take a look below:

As you might notice the trailer was posted on YouTube-- a Google-owned site-- by none other than Google Play, marking the beginning of what I"m sure will be a ton of corporate synergy in promoting this film. The idea of two guys like Wilson and Vaughn winding up among the cutthroat interns at Google is funny, and it's clear these two still have the same chemistry that made Wedding Crashers so compulsively watchable. But none of the jokes here really seem up to snuff-- asking the boss if he gets high? Really? There are hints at some interesting clashes with fellow interns, but this trailer seems to be selling nothing but the jokes, and those aren't getting it very far.

But we could use a good comedy to look forward to this summer, and The Internship will be kicking off a promising-looking June for comedy, with the Seth Rogen-directed This Is The End and the Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy vehicle The Heat also coming. The Internship arrives on June 7. Will you check it out?