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I think everyone had high expectations for Terminator: Salvation. It had a lot going for it and against. On one hand, it started two of Hollywood’s current best: Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. On the other hand, McG directed it. On one hand, there were rumors that Jonathan Nolan may do edits on the script. On the other hand, McG directed it. At the end of the day, the product was lackluster at best but perhaps successful enough to warrant a sequel.

But who would be the lucky financers responsible for that sequel? According to the LA Times, the rights to the franchise may be changing hands soon. Apparently the guys (Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek) who currently own the franchise are feeling the pinch of the economic crisis just as bad as everyone else and are have several companies going through bankruptcy. One of those companies is Halcyon Holding Group, which owns the rights to Terminator. Unfortunately for the company, that’s about the only thing of worth that it owns.

According to their financial advisors, several studios and independent companies are being contacted regarding the sale of the rights to the series. The rights to Terminator have changed hands more than any major film series in Hollywood. But who knows? If a new studio can get a reputable director and writer on board for another sequel, maybe they can undo what McG did with the series. All it takes is a little time travel.