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Horror director Oren Peli gave birth to the massive Paranormal Activity franchise, helming the original and then passing the baton so he could explore other projects. One of those, Chernobyl Diaries, reaches theaters on May 25. Peli produces and co-writes this horror-thriller, which recently dropped its first trailer. We have it below, courtesy of Apple’s trailer page:

Coining the phrase “extreme tourism,” the movie follows backpacking tourists on a European jaunt who divert from their planned Moscow visit to see the sight of the infamous nuclear disaster occurrence in Chernobyl. The clip rifles through the history of the catastrophe, explaining basically what potential audience members (many of who were born after the Chernobyl incident of 1986) need to know before plunking down $10 for a ticket. It also takes us to Reactor 4, which failed and created the nuclear problem, and ramps up the tension when the visitors spot … something.

At the very least, Chernobyl is an inventive location for a horror movie. And that hand-held Geiger counter is a very cool device that I’m sure Peli and his co-screenwriters (Shane and Carey Van Dyke) put to creepy use. But what are they up against? Who know at this point? Director Bradley Parker, a visual effects supervisor on such films as Let Me In and We Own the Night, teases infected children and growing beasts, but we’re largely kept in the dark regarding Diaries As it should be. Find out more on May 25, or just keep rewatching the above clip to see what else you can deduce.

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