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Back in 2008 there was a story on the NPR program "This American Life" about a man named Bob Nelson. A strange sort of fellow with an ordinary name, Nelson was formally a TV repairman who one day found an advertisement about a cryogenics society. Curious about the technology, he drove to a meeting, walked through the door and left as the society's president despite knowing practically nothing about cryonics. Despite that fact, everything was going fine until the worst possible thing happened: one of the members died, and Nelson was made responsible for freezing the corpse. The story itself is engaging, hilarious and absolutely amazing and now it's being turned into a movie.

The Washington Post has learned that Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris has plans to make a feature film about Bob Nelson and has lined up Paul Rudd to star. Morris has been working on the project with "This American Life" host Ira Glass and Zach Helm, best known for writing the Marc Forster film Stranger Than Fiction, has been hired to pen the screenplay. Morris has been developing the movie since early 2009. The project still doesn't have a title, but the name of Nelson's book, We Froze the First Man, has a pretty nice ring to it.

If you aren't already familiar with the story, be sure to head over HERE and listen. There is a ridiculous amount of potential here and with a great filmmaker like Morris at the helm and an immensely likeable actor like Rudd starring, it has the makings of a surefire hit.