Paul Rudd And Steve Coogan Play A Bickering Married Couple In This New Comedy

The prospect of marriage isn't easy when it's limited to the two people entered into said bond, but it's even more difficult when children are involved. Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan are about to learn that the hard way, as they've signed on to play a wedded couple in crisis in their latest project.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported on a film starring the two actors being sold at the currently underway Berlin Film Festival, and that film is An Ideal Home. This film will see Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan playing a couple who are starting to see the cracks in their life of domestic bliss. As if that wasn't as difficult enough, Coogan's character finds out that he has a surprise grandson who decides to come and live with him and his partner. Naturally they take him in, and dramedy style antics ensue. The film is directed by Andrew Fleming, whose credits include The Craft, as well as the Coogan starring comedy Hamlet 2.

This isn't the first time the two actors have shared a film credit, as the two were previously featured in the film Our Idiot Brother. However, landing Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan as a married couple sounds like the jackpot when it comes to casting. Both Rudd and Coogan have had experience playing on both the dramatic and comedic side of the fence, and Rudd has an advantage of sorts when it comes to An Ideal Home. That advantage just happens to be his starring role in the 1998 romantic dramedy The Object Of My Affection, in which he played Jennifer Aniston's gay friend who pledges to help her raise an unexpected child. With that role under his belt, Rudd should have no problem approaching the sort of similar subject matter in An Ideal Home.

As far as Steve Coogan's side of the equation goes, he's still riding high from the dramatic credibility that he built with 2013's Philomena, as well as the fact that his latest role in the drama Shepherds and Butchers has gained a moderate level of buzz for itself at the Berlin Film Festival. Meanwhile, Coogan has always been aces when it comes to comedy, especially with the help of his legendary character Alan Partridge, and fantastic supporting and lead roles he's played in films like Tropic Thunder and Hamlet 2. To be honest, while An Ideal Home is supposed to be a dramedy mix, we're focused more on the comedic interplay between Coogan and Paul Rudd; which honestly primes us to be pleasantly surprised by whatever weight the dramatic side of the story holds.

For the time being, An Ideal Home is being shopped around in Berlin as we speak, while Captain America: Civil War is the next chance for you to see Paul Rudd. Steve Coogan can be next seen in Shepherds and Butchers, which is currently without a release date.

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