New Photos From The Hangover Part II; Justin Bartha Says Doug Doesn't Get Lost This Time

We've seen quite a few images and even a teaser trailer from Todd Phillips' The Hangover Part II, but each one has made us ponder the exact same question, a question first asked in the 2009 blockbuster: Where's Doug, a.k.a. Justin Bartha? Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helmes) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) have all been part of the marketing, but we've been left wondering if Doug disappearing would play into the plot. While all signs would point to yes, the answer is apparently no.

The print edition of Empire (via The Playlist) recently ran a feature on the upcoming comedy sequel and Bartha says flat out that missing Doug won't be a part of the plot this time around. But just because someone's not lost doesn't mean that their absence doesn't play a part of the bigger picture, the actor saying, "There are similar circumstances, but he’s a little bit more involved." The story also features a bit about the cast's experience off the set in Bangkok, which apparently was almost as crazy as what their character's go through in the movie. Said Cooper, "I didn’t feel like we’d started the movie ‘til we were in Bangkok - things started getting crazy, people started getting sick. We needed to get it into our blood. Literally. On a bacterial level."

The article also came with two new stills which - surprise! - still don't include Bartha as part of the gang. You can check out one of the scans below and head over to The Playlist for the other.

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