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As Pixar prepares the impending release of its conceptual comedic take on the subconscious, Inside Out, the studio has unveiled the debut teaser trailer for its other 2015 release, The Good Dinosaur. Check it out below.

Based on what we’re seeing, Pixar is continuing its creative calling, exploring deeper intellectual themes, while attaching them to tried-and-true concepts conducive to children. In this case, we have an alternate universe in which the dinosaurs did not go extinct with an original twist on the "boy and his dog" story.

Making its debut exclusive to Yahoo, this teaser trailer for The Good Dinosaur is just as short on details as it is on length. However, its grandiose presentation of the film’s premise is undoubtedly enthralling and lays out its alternate-world scenario effectively. As it demonstrates, even the most minute of movements in the universe can distribute themselves to carry the most profound of effects on the unraveling of history.

With the catastrophic asteroid theorized to have laid waste to the age of the dinosaurs avoided by a bizarre acts of fate, the dinosaurs continue to roam free on Earth, evolving into the more personable, anthropomorphic, talking-sort-of dinosaurs who even adhere to family structures and establish societies. Our main character, a young 70-foot-tall Apatosaurus named Arlo (Lucas Neff), finds himself on a post-Cretaceous quest when some non-asteroid societal catastrophe disrupts the fiber of his peaceful community. While the exact nature of this drama has yet to be revealed, it will, nevertheless, see Arlo away from his family on a journey of some apparent importance where he will fatefully encounter a young human boy who he names Spot and adopts as a pet.

While anthropologists will likely have a field day with the apparent anachronisms presented in the very notion that a human and dinosaur could exist simultaneously, the timing of the film’s alternate universe events are loose enough that the creative team have purposely let go of some of the technical details in the name of the film's fantastical nature. Besides, based on everything that’s being presented, including some brief glimpses in the teaser, the thematic center of the film seems to be the idea of its twist on the conventional "a boy and his dog" story. Only, this time, the boy IS the dog, since humans are obviously still quite feral and primitive at this point in time, while dinosaurs are presumably sentient and intelligent. Oddly enough, ersatz science aside, this is the first children’s property with talking dinosaurs that actually went through the trouble to explain why all of that is happening.

The Good Dinosaur has undergone quite the evolution. Originally set for a 2014 release, the film would see its original director, Bob Peterson, removed from the film, replaced by Peter Sohn, resulting in an apparently huge overhaul of the script that even required the voice actors having to re-record their performances. However, the delay may possibly prove fortuitous should this month’s Jurassic World have the movie-going public once again diagnosed with a lucrative case of dinosaur fever.

The film features an impressive voice cast containing the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader and Judy Greer. The Good Dinosaur will look to make human children the perfect fashion accompaniment for dinosaurs when it hits theaters on November 25.

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