Pixar In Real Life: You Can Own Carl & Ellie's House From Up

The opening ten-minutes or so of Up is still one of the most soul-shakingly emotional movie experiences of my life. Odds are you feel the same. Most of it revolves around Carl and Ellie’s house, as they get married and grow old living and loving together. That shot of their mailbox out front, with their hand prints on it, is rooted indelibly in my mind. It’s just a shame Carl couldn’t take it with them, when he tied a bunch of balloons to the place and flew off to look for a new life.

Carl & Ellie’s dream house is more than just a fantasy, someone in Utah has made it a reality. The photos you’re about to see below are of 13215 S. 5390 West in Harriman, Utah, where Bangerter Homes has just finished building an exact replica of the Up home. Look:

You can see more photos of what they’re up to over at the builder's blog. Don’t worry, they aren’t going to be sued out of existence. The home builders got Disney’s permission before proceeding. Further, they promise that if you saw it in the movie, you’ll see it in their replica. The only exception may be in rooms that the movie simply never showed, there they’ll have to use their imagination. In one room, for instance, they’re painting a mural of Paradise Falls, Carl’s eventual destination.

If you’re a serious Pixar fan, then you’ll want to live here. No problem. They’re selling the 2800 square foot replica for around $399,000. Sounds like a bargain. Sign on the dotted line and start filling it with your own memories. It even comes with balloons.

Josh Tyler