Pixar Releases Gorgeous Toy Story 3 Script Art

Toy Story 3 cannot come fast enough, and what makes matters worse is that unlike some movies (ahem, Avatar), Toy Story 3’s marketing machine has started ridiculously early. The flick doesn’t come out for another seven months, yet we’ve already seen teasers, stills, posters, and even a full trailer. To be honest, though, Lee Unkrich could probably stick up a couple of lined sheets of paper with “TOY STORY 3: JUNE 18” written on them, and millions would show up.

Further teasing Pixar fans (otherwise known as the world), the studio today released several beautiful pieces of script art. The images were distributed to several Pixar blogs (Pixar Talk, Planet Pixar, and The Pixar Blog) and included early art drawn up by Toy Story 3 art director Dice Tsutsumi.

We’ve included several of the images below. Click here, here, andhere to check them all out.