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Pixar Size Chart Compares Everyone From Sulley Down To Flik

Ever wonder how Pixar’s best-of-the-best stack up against one another? Well, now you can get a general idea thanks to a graphic artist named Juan Pablo Bravo. Bravo’s ‘100 Pixar Characters’ puts some of our favorite animated characters side-by-side providing an estimated sense of the size of each. But, as Pablo points out, the creation is only an exercise and doesn’t reflect the actual dimensions of the characters.

However, this thing is awesome. If someone filled in all of the silhouettes this could be ideal for a kid looking for some new wallpaper to decorate his or her room. It’s got just about everyone from Toy Story’s Buzz to Pixar’s Luxo Jr., down to my personal favorite, WALL-E. Bravo even threw in some of the newest editions to the Pixar family, Toy Story 3’s Mr. Pricklepants, Lotso and Twitch.

Click on the sample below to see the chart in all its glory thanks to Geekologie.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.