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Can you identify the famous character by their weapons? There's a poster that challenges pop culture fans to do just that, featuring everything from swords to knives to chainsaws and a number of other recognizable weapons from well known characters. These are the weapons that have given heroes and villains the edge they needed to get ahead, to varying degrees of success, of course.

JoBlo.com shared the poster below, which comes form Daniel Nyari and is available for purchase at Society6.com.

Among the weapons featured, we have a Ghostbusters proton pack, a couple of lightsabers, Captain America's shield and Lion-O's sword. It also looks like the preferred weapons of the Ninja Turtles have been arranged in a small cluster over on the right.

Holiday shoppers: This might be a good idea for a present for that movie fan who has everything. It'd certainly make for a good conversation piece in an office, screening room or man (or geek) cave.

Can you identify all of the weapons featured on the poster?