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Project X Trailer Shows A Party With Teens Gone Wild

When I was a kid, Project X was a movie starring Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt about chimpanzees being used as test-subjects by the military. Produced by Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover films), the 2012 film Project X is most definitely not a remake of an '80's film about monkeys, although animals do appear in this trailer.

Project X follows three high school seniors who are tired of being uncool and decide to throw a party. It seems like they end up over-shooting on making their little get-together a legendary event because things seem to spiral out of control.

Based on the trailer, the party looks like the kind of things high school kids might have made up through a lot of gossip and exaggeration, however in the case of Project X things really were that out of control.

The strange thing about the trailer is, it starts out feeling like a horror movie. Perhaps it’s the whole found-footage look to it, but there’s definitely a darker tone than we’ve seen in previous “one crazy night” movies (See: Superbad, I Love You, Beth Cooper). Does this movie take a dark twist? Or maybe it’s just that this "wild night" story isn't a comedy. Between snippets of all of the drinking and partying, teen girls licking each other, and eating popsicles (and I’m pretty sure there were two dogs humping at some point), it doesn’t look like funny is the angle they’re going for here. Or maybe I'm misreading the tone. The film is directed by Nima Nourizadeh, but the biggest name on the project is The Hangover director Todd Phillips. His involvement as a producer, which the trailer mentions and could explain at least part of why expectations for a comedy might be understandable, whether or not they're met.

Project X hits theaters on March 2nd.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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