Prometheus Already Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

The window between theatrical releases and DVD releases has been becoming ever smaller in recent years, but this is a little bit ridiculous. Ridley Scott's Prometheus is still a week away from release here in the States, but you can already pre-order the sci-fi thriller on Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon (opens in new tab)


This is nothing more than a standard pre-order placeholder at this point, so we don't have any details as to the bonus features, but we'll pass on that info when it becomes available. In the mean time, you can pre-order the 3D Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray, or DVD version of Prometheus at a 30% discount for each. That works out to a cost of $34.99 for the 3D Blu-ray combo pack, $27.99 for the standard Blu-ray combo pack, and $20.99 for the basic DVD package. Given how big a release this is, what with Ridley Scott's return to both science fiction and the Alien universe, the Prometheus discs are sure to be packed with extras once the release is, you know, officially announced.

Amazon also has preliminary box art for the three versions, which will almost certainly change for the final releases. Although the odds of the final versions somehow incorporating that Big Giant Mysterious Alien Head are pretty good. You can't go wrong with a Big Giant Mysterious Alien Head.

Once you're done pre-ordering, you can click over to our sister site, Giant Freakin' Robot, to read their review of Prometheus. The movie opens in theaters next Friday, June 8th.