Lock the doors. Sharpen your weapons or find a bunker or panic room. Make sure no potential enemies are lingering within your vicinity because The Purge 2 is coming. And coming sooner, the trailer, which apparently arrives tomorrow, according to the creepy image shared by Universal's Horror Twitter handle along with the warning, "Prepare for the next Purge." Hashtag: survive the night. The Facebook alternative to that asks fans if they're prepared. Prepared to survive or prepared to purge? Maybe a little bit of both?

Right now, Universal has The Purge 2 set to release June 20, so the timing seems right for it to have a trailer. And last we heard, the film was titled The Purge: Anarchy, but we haven't seen that included on anything official from the movie yet, so either way, that'll likely be confirmed one way or the other tomorrow when the trailer arrives. Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the original Purge film follows an upperclass family trying to survive the night during the annual "Purge," a 12-hour nationwide event that makes all (or most) crime legal to allow citizens to purge their violent tendencies. The outcome of this annual event is said to diminish crime and help the economy. There are news reports and other discussions throughout the movie that indicate that this is part of a new way of life and one many people in the film's reality support, despite how violent it is. The Sandin family -- led by Ethan Hawke's James and Lena Headey's Mary -- believe they're protected by the high-end security system James helped develop, but things go wrong, leading to them becoming the targets of a group of people intent on murder.

Reactions to the first film seem more or less mixed but leaning toward the negative side despite grossing nearly $90 million at the global box office, with the movie coming out on the Rotten side for critics and fans on Rotten Tomatoes, while Amazon has the user rating set at an even 3/5 stars. Our own Sean O'Connell didn't love it. As a casual fan of horrors, I was far more intrigued by the concept of the Purge than I was invested with the family's story, but I liked the movie over all. From what I heard about it before seeing it, I expected the Purge to be more of a situation where criminal types are running wild for a night, but as it's presented in the film, even the average nice-guy next door might feel the need to "purge" their inner demons during this night.

It's also strange to watch such a violent movie and not be burdened with the thought that the characters would eventually have to explain all this to the police, because they won't. It's really an anything goes scenario with no legal consequences. And I can only imagine what the day after the Purge is like for emergency services and morgues.

From what's been reported -- thanks to Zach Gilford sharing some details about the plot of the sequel -- the second Purge film will focus on a new set of characters trying to survive the Purge out in the city where there are no security systems. The first film gave us more than a few glimpses of security footage indicating that it's pretty much a war zone in just about any populated city across the country, so it'll be interesting to see how the event looks from that perspective. At the very least, it takes the concept and explores it from a totally new angle, which could allow critics of the first one to give the concept a second look. We'll have to see how the trailer looks.

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