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Rachel Nichols has already had a part in two major summer blockbusters, Star Trek and G.I. Joe, so why not make it a hat trick? Latino Review is reporting that Nichols has signed on to play Tamara in Conan the Barbarian, a martial arts master who serves as the Queen's bodyguard in Conan's world.

Actually, I'll just give you the casting breakdown they provided and let you take it from there. Nichols is building a reputation as "that hot girl who is convincing at action," so this role makes sense as continuing the trend. Will this be a part that actually helps her break out past her male co-stars, though? I have my doubts, but who knows.

Tamara is 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian or Middle Eastern, open to all ethnicities; beautiful, studious, correct, a novitiate of a Greek influenced monastery. A master of martial arts, she has been trained to be the Queen’s servant, bodyguard and best friend. She and many other female bodyguards to the queen have been in hiding most of their lives because of the curse of Acheron, which would take the queen’s life to bring almost immortal power to its king. When Khalar Singh, a powerful warlord with ambitions to become the king of Acheron, storms the monastery and captures all of the novitiates, she is separated from Ilira, the one she must protect. With all of her strength and will, Tamara is determined to find and rescue her. She finds herself in league with Conan because of a mutual need to find Khalar Singh. She is not in the least intimidated by Conan’s size or grim demeanor and their alliance eventually blossoms into something that surprises them both…

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